You is US.
 “CLOSNEA is nothing more than a collective of people, who are trying to improve the current situation to reflect the good.”

knows no limits and no rules – completely new possibilities arise, with which new things can be created. CLOSNEA consists of love and positive events. It is an idea, a possibility and above all a passion.
The focus at CLOSNEA is not on the result, but on the idea at the beginning. An idea has potential and hope, which will shape CLOSNEA for all eternity. Potential that reflects hope, hope in improving the idea. Potential that is unfolded through work on this idea. This mixture results in CLOSNEA.
It creates possibilities for people to work on something together, even if they don’t know each other, and to invest time in something that cuts out the negative. It is precisely these possibilities that give rise to hopes of being able to escape from everyday life, into a passion that one can share with others or enjoy on one’s own.
Why don’t we have a concrete answer to the question what CLOSNEA is? Because a concrete answer would exclude many opinions and ideas which are essential for the survival of CLOSNEA. So an open question can also be an answer. A closed answer would destroy many possible answers.
CLOSNEA should be free, you should think freely about how you want it to be. It should show a way, in which new ways can be made possible.
CLOSNEA is a dream, which tries to become reality.

“unknown collective creative”
CLOSNEA is a group of “unknown” individuals who try to describe and improve their current situation by working on something common, something unknown. Each individual can create their own world by creating and changing. This group is about self-realization and personal growth. Nobody can be a better you than you. So there are no copies, only growth in its purest form.