Milano Centrale, 05.10.2019

«The Unknown» is a short video and creative project inspired by skateboarding and the minds of Marco Paganini, Luigi Barberio and Ivan Talarico.

Almost two months ago the entire CLOSNEA team went to Milan Central with a group of Swiss skaters to create an opening clip for the new brand CLOSNEA. The idea behind this project was to bring together unknown people and having a great time.

«The best aspect of being a human is that you can build innumerable new relationships that can lead to new experiences, which most importantly lead you to expand your horizon.»

The skateboard culture forms the street culture since decades. This is one of the main reasons why we love skateboarding and wanted this urban culture to become an essential part of CLOSNEA.

As we are striving for the feeling of freedom and craziness day by day, we wanted you to not only experience the same but make you feel the same way.

Featuring: Cedric Neff, Noah Bettschen, Florian Fischer, Patrick Hofmann, Denice Stoller, Niko Feratovic, Brian Mandaglio & Aziz

Production: Luigi Barberio, Marco Paganini, Ivan Talarico

Photos: Luca Hebing

Video by: Tim Schilling