It started out as just a thought and grew to be something quite meaningful. Laura wrote:
„The SOCIAL CONCEPT is a visual description of my headspace. Topics very present in my thoughts like the meaning of aesthetics, the beauty of by society named „ugly“ things, colored pictures turned black and white. It’s a concept because all these things, even though they are different, come from the same brain and are all thought about in the name of fashion, as the foundation of the idea. The point is, that we all have such a concept in our minds, which makes it a social thing. I used to critique my way of thinking because I couldn’t make up my mind about what I like and sometimes the colors and objects wouldn’t go together and were completely different. However I cannot change my way of looking at things and or enjoying them, but I can conceptualize the visuals and make it all function in a way I like.“
For short; It’s about the mystery of contrast, how things labeled ugly carry beauty and how beauty deep down is highly displeasing.

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I talked to Laura about the design process and asked her some questions that I found interesting and thought would give us something to write about. Here they are:

How did you get the idea to make this skirt?
„Not having a skirt in the shape and form I like.
I love to dress up, getting inspired by outfits that I see on runways or in lookbooks, on instagram or pinterest. Finding the pieces it requires to style certain looks often appears impossible, since the garments are mainly rare pieces or too expensive. By having the ability to make clothes by myself, the urge to share it with people who are equally interested in fashion appears. By all means I don’t want to copy branded clothing and sell it for cheaper but for certain pieces like this denim skirt the origin of the making process lays in my need of owning a high quality piece that falls and moves in a striking way.“

What made you want to produce it?
„As I mentioned before, to share it with others. It is one of those clothing pieces you see everywhere but you actually don’t see it everywhere. By that I mean it is pushed by the industry and often used because of it‘s diversity in shape, but somehow I‘m never able to find one I could purchase and that I like.“

What makes this skirt stand out?
„I wouldn’t say it stands out a lot it is just something you don’t see often on your way outside beacause of its size. It‘s quite powerful and appears heavy in a positive way. It is an elevated basic in my eyes that is easily wearable and simple to style in any way one could want.“

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We visited our Production in Casablanca, Morocco to work with the team on site.
Through this direct contact we were able to bring Lauras vision to life, while finding the best way to get the piece produced. The production company works with a fabric manufacturer, which we also visited and decided to get the fabric made there. Finest quality, 100% moroccan denim.

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The leap of thought which was used as a base to create what we have published.

„Recreating a social situation but making it a solo event.
Visualizing the worlds of;
-Being alone and being around others
-Being alone while being with others
-Not being alone even though physically no one is there“

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Thank you for reading and making this possible for us.

With love,