Harmony is our third snowboard movie and first full length street movie.
There is loads of love, pain and unity in this project. Our crew, which has now become family, has filmed at various spots in Switzerland and Finland during the last season of 22/23. Harmony embodies the love for snowboarding as well as the balance you need to get something like this off the ground. It takes spontaneity to follow the snow that is getting worse every year here in Switzerland.
The new season is here and we hope we have inspired you to get on a board or at least go to the mountains this winter to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. In this project, we pushed our own limits to grow out, snowboarding is about being able to deal with your own fear and fade it out. The crew describes it as a mental game.

We thank everyone involved and look forward to the new season.

Pics by Gabriel Horesh