Endless Love is a masterpiece in itself, it is our second film in snowboarding and the first in the streets. It was filmed in more than 5 different cantons in Switzerland and shot over the whole season of 21/22

This film represents our independence & dedication to the sport of snowboarding. We believe that we can create a connection with other people through this film. We hope that this infinite love inspires others to snowboard, or simply leads you to look for something in your own life that you love and do it without expecting something back from it.

And this is also our whole brand philosophy: everybody works on something that they love, not just to get something from it, but because you want to do it.

We as humans have to live with the fact that we will never find out why we are here on this earth. But one thing is clear, the universe gives us unconditional love with every sunrise, it gives us life, and the possibility to be here and inspire others.