About us

CLOSNEA is an unknown collective that is interested in different styles of art, such as fashion, photography, film, skateboarding and snowboarding. The project CLOSNEA was founded in Zurich in 2019. The primary focus of the brand, while building it up, is based on the interaction between you and us. The project does not tie itself to any certain subcultures or style. It is a dynamic reflection of ongoing ideas and state of mind of our current society. Everything released is treated as its own individual art project.


The 888 collective is a group of “unknown” individuals trying to shine a light and describe societies current situation by representing it through different projects. Everyone has the freedom to create their own world by shifting and changing certain things in their very own way. This group is about self-realization and personal growth. Nobody can be a better you than you. So, there are no copies, only growth in its purest form.